Convoy of Hope – Team Leaders from Grace Church

During our recent brown bag lunch for Convoy of Hope (coming up on Saturday, September 17th, 2016) I mentioned that I would share a blog post listing the members of Grace Church who are Convoy of Hope team leader as well as the roles that they are fulfilling. Here it is! I hope you find it useful…

Name Role Email
Mike Matheson Connections Team Leader
Rob Jossart Finance Team Leader
Chris Amundson Marketing & PR Team Leader
Josh Poore Communication Team Leader
Paul Vnuk Event Production Team Leader
Dan Certallic Family Portraits Team Leader
Kathy VanBree Groceries Team Leader
Joe & Sheri Kobriger Guest Services Team Leader,
Paul Durbin Health Services Team Leader
Melisa Scott Social Media Team Leader
Anna Meremable Volunteer Services Team Leader