Author: Danny D'Acquisto

Join us on a Short-term Mission Trip to Bolivia in October!

Each year, we try to coordinate one or two short-term mission trips that are designed to help members of Grace Church connect with, encourage, and collaborate with our missionary partners. This year, we are planning a trip to Bolivia this October (October 4-13) with Gimy and Christina Caballero, two of our missionary partners. If you’re interested […]


The Gospel is a Cruise-liner

I once heard a pastor compare the extent of our sinfulness to the distance between California and Hawaii—a stretch that no person can swim on their own. Over the years, this imagery has stuck with me and evolved into a helpful illustration that showcases the uniqueness of the Christian faith and the beauty of the gospel. Imagine every […]


A Plea for Patient, Relational Evangelism

Ah, evangelism: The ever-so-daunting task of telling people about the saving grace of Jesus Christ; the gospel; the very heart of the Christian faith. And yet the idea of evangelism makes many Christians uncomfortable. Why is that? If the gospel is such great news, then why are so many of us terrified to share it? And if we’re […]