Leaders: How to Communicate Your Event

Introduction | Communication in a large church

Did you know that Grace is involved in between 50 and 100 ministry events each year? Organizing communication for all of those events is no easy task! In order to ensure effective and appropriate communication for each individual event, we have prepared some basic structures for leaders to follow. Below you can learn more about our Event Types, Planning Process, and more. We hope these are helpful tools for you as you coordinate events here at Grace.


Planning Process | Step by step

  1. Submit an Event Request Form.
  2. Your Event Request will be sent to our Pastoral Leadership Team. Approved events will be assigned one of three Event Types, which determine how each event will be communicated.
  3. Regardless of the Event Type, the Ministry Director (or a leader working closely with the Ministry Director) is responsible for overseeing all group-level communication. Here is an Event Checklist that will help you walk through the process.

Event Types | Three different kind of events

Each event is sent to our Pastoral Leadership Team via this Event Request Form. If the PLT approves the event, they will also categorize it as one of the three following Event Types. These Event Types help us to communicate each event clearly and consistently based on the nature of the event and the pace of our ministry schedule.

Other Helpful Documents