New to Grace? Here's how to get plugged in.

How to Connect

1.) Come to church
3.) Start to Serve

The very first step in becoming a part of Grace is to simply show up on a Sunday morning. This is a great opportunity for you to learn what Grace is all about at bird’s eye view, meet a few people, a develop your faith. Click here
Grace is a very large church. Don’t feel as though you need to meet everyone in order to be a part of our community. Meeting a few great people is the best way to start feeling at home here. Life Groups are the best place to start. Click here

There are plenty of ways to serve at Grace. Chances are your Life Group leader can help you find the right spot to help out. Let them know your interests and they will be happy to help connect you with the right people.
When you feel like you’re ready to set down roots here, let us know. We will sign you up for one of our Membership Classes, where you can learn more about the mission and vision of Grace and what it means to be a member. 

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