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This Sunday we will be singing a new song called “Lord Always.” Based on Ephesians 2:10, it is a celebration of how and why we have been saved by God’s grace in Christ. Although we have introduced “Lord Always” a couple times in the past month, we want it to be as familiar as possible as we gather this week and in the weeks ahead. For this reason, we have made it available here online. All you have to do is simply click the link below, and you can familiarize yourself with the music and lyrics… in your car, at home, or during your morning jog! We hope you are encouraged as you listen and look forward to lifting our voices with you this Sunday!

Lord Always

© 2009 David Leonard & Josh Poore


You set the world in motion

Created everything I see

Yet chose to die for sinners

You gave your life to rescue me


How could a greater love

Be true, be true

I’ve found the greatest love is in you, it’s in you!


Jesus, light of the world, you saved us

Conquered the grave and raised us

And we will reign with you always

Now this our purpose

We live to make you famous

‘Til every tongue sings praises

Declaring you are Lord always


Now we remember when we

Were made alive in Christ our King

And to the hopeless venture

To tell about the hope you bring


How could a greater love

Be true, be true

We’ll say the greatest love is in you, it’s in you


It’s by grace we’ve been saved

We’ve been saved