I am very excited to share with you another edition of Grace Life magazine. This eighth edition brings to life how we have developed and adapted this communication piece. As the nature of activities have changed at Grace, so has the magazine. When Grace Life first launched, a part of the publication was to include the Life Group catalog. In conjunction with The City, we are now able to utilize the pages of Grace Life as both a communication tool and a storytelling piece. The magazine is used to share stories of the people who are a part of the body of this church and how they are following God’s calling at Grace. It’s also being used to inform of upcoming events and highlight groups. In addition, Grace Life includes feature stories that are relevant to the current life of the church.

Grace Life was also a key piece for the 2013 Annual Report sharing the stories, data and recaps from 2013. This new direction of Grace Life is another tool to effectively communicate with the Grace body.

On a daily basis I see the evolution of Grace Life on the walls outside of my workspace where all of the previous editions framed. Feel free to walk take a walk down the hall in the main office to see how we have developed the magazine.

View the current edition here or stop by and pick up a hard copy.