Main Sessions with Pastor Joel


“Love is not just ooey gooey red stuff,” according to Phineas, Ferb and Pastor Joel. He–Pastor Joel, not Phineas and Ferb–explained in the first session how love is to unite us as a church, and what that looks like for us personally. In the last main session he explained what our strategies were to be “an organized and mobilized” church. The mobilization strategy is divided into four parts: groups, teams, classes and events. The ministry strategy details the areas that we will focus on growing as a church over the next few years. They include: discipleship, local mission, holistic care, leader development and financial health.


Core Value Breakouts


During the first breakout session speakers rotated so we all got a little snippet of each core value. Mission is important to Grace Church because mission is important to God. Paul Kienzle explained that being on mission means have a growing conviction that people are lost without Jesus, identifying with the lost, and focusing outward. Pastor Mike Matheson explained that community is important to our church because it gives us a picture of what God is like. While it may be the most effective way to build the church and fulfill our deep need for community, ultimately community is important because in community we seek to redefine our identity based on who we are in Christ. Josh Poore, Director of Worship, explained that worship is important to Grace because God is worthy to be praised. At Grace, we worship as individuals and as a congregation to seek His glory.


Lunch & Photo Booth


Everyone’s favorite subject. Lunch was a blast! Everyone hung out with the people at their table, discussing the day. The food was great, sandwiches and Werther’s, cookies and carrots are among my own lunch-time memory. Along with all the food, the photo booth was open and many people had a great time posing with silly hats, mustaches, and friends. All in all, lunch was a busy, lovely, great time to enjoy with friends.




At the last main session, the stage was turned into The Price is Right. Contestants Mick, Mikayla, and Kathy guessed the prices of grills, peanut butter, lipstick and other random items in hopes of earning pucks to drop down the giant Plinko board. Our game show was a huge success with much laughter and applause!


Article written by Storytelling Team Member, Queila Griffin.