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 Reconciliation in our Personal Relationships

Week 2: March 8-14

One. Hot. Mess.

This is a very popular phrase in our current urban lexicon.   The idea is that even though things are a mess on the inside, you still look fabulous on the outside.   It’s very easy to maintain the outward illusion that everything is sunny on the outside, while on the inside, it’s still bitter cold.  Within the church we can fall into the practice of never really diving below the surface chop of our lives to deal with relational conflict and brokenness that has us in a mess.  Church is messy.  Friends are messy.  Family relationships are very messy.   I want to encourage you this week to go deep, below the surface of what people can see on the outside.  The challenge with going deeper is that it can feel hard to breathe, a little dark and scary down there.

Fear not, God is with you!  As we continue our journey of prayer as a congregation, we want to focus on those messy relationships that may have become broken.  Even as you read this, perhaps a face is becoming clear in your mind.  I want to invite you to be ready for healing conversations in the days ahead.  Take some time to pray about any broken relationship that you have within or outside of the church.

Heart Prep

Before you go to be reconciled,  the Bible challenges us to get our own hearts in the right place prior to going to others.   In this season of Lent, preparing for Easter Sunday, it is right for us to turn our attention inward to reflect on the ways in which we’ve wounded our own lives and the lives of others.  “Instead of blaming others for conflict or resisting correction, we trust in God’s mercy and take responsibility for our own contribution to conflicts – confessing our sins to those we have wronged, asking God to help us change any attitudes and habit that lead to conflict, and seeking to repair any harm that WE have caused.” (Peacemaking principle of Get the Log Out of Your Eye)   Take some time to reflect on the following passages:  Proverbs 28:13; Matthew 7:3-5; Luke 19:8; Colossians 3:5-14; I John 1:8-9.

Prayer Points

  • Take a moment and ask God to search your heart, are there any broken relationships that I need to deal with this week?
  • Before speaking to anyone, spend some time in repentance before the Lord, confessing how much you need Him in your life.
  • Ask God to show you have YOU may have contributed to a conflict or broken relationship, what do you need to take ownership of in the brokenness?
  • Pray for the person that you need to speak with- thank God for them and ask God to give you wisdom and courage to have a heart level conversation
  • Give God praise for the beauty of the gospel, that Christ met us in our own broken relationship with God, bridging the gap and making a way for wholeness.