Each year, we try to coordinate one or two short-term mission trips that are designed to help members of Grace Church connect with, encourage, and collaborate with our missionary partners. This year, we are planning a trip to Bolivia this October (October 4-13) with Gimy and Christina Caballero, two of our missionary partners. If you’re interested in joining this short-term team, please read through the information below and contact Joe Kobriger, the team’s admin leader, to begin exploring next steps.

Gimy & Christa Caballero lead a ministry called Fundena in Santa Cruz, Boilvia. Fundena focuses on equipping local church leaders and caring for community members, especially children and youth, both emotionally and spiritually. Join a team of 15 Grace Church members as we spend a week and a half with the Caballeros, conducting workshops and visiting local orphanages and hospitals. This will be an incredible opportunity to encourage and collaborate with the Caballeros, invest in the lives of others, and see God at work through his church in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. We hope you’ll join the team!


Important Dates:

Deadline for Signups: Sunday, April 9, 2017

Departure: Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Return: Friday, October 13th, 2017


Other Details:

Team size: Up to 15

Minimum age: 12 years old

Cost: Approximately $2,200/person

***final amounts cannot be determined until airfare is booked


Frequently Asked Questions:

 Other than the trip itself, what is involved in being part of a short-term team?

The team will begin preparing for the trip about 3-4 months in advance. Training will involve six meetings, scheduled to accommodate the schedule of each team members in the best ways possible. If you might need to miss one meeting, that’s not a problem, but if you’ll be unable to attend most of the meets (or even 2-3), we recommend waiting for a future short-term trip, when you’ll be able to join the team trainings. Short-term trips are fairly complex and these meetings are critical to the health and effectiveness of the team.

In addition to these meetings, the team may also decide to coordinate optional gatherings and/or fundraising initiatives. This is up to the discretion of the team members and leaders, and will be decided during the first team meeting.

How do team members pay for the cost of their trip?

Team fundraisers. Short-term teams have the creative freedom, with the guidance and oversight of their team leaders, to raise funds that will be paid toward the bottom line of their team’s expenses. All funds raised through these team initiatives are evenly distributed across the entire team, lowering the overall cost of the trip for each person.

Support letters. Part of each team’s training will involve writing and sending support letters to friends and family, encouraging them to pray and give toward the trip. Unless someone is able to pay their own way, this is typically how most of the funds are raised. Our Christian friends and family members are eager to hear what the Lord is doing, and typically, if at all possible, they’re happy to give toward the cause ― at least a small contribution.

If a team member is able to pay their own way without sending support letters, they are certainly welcome to do so. Even still, though, we ask everyone to write and send letters, updating friends and family about the trip and asking for prayer and personal support.

Personal funds. Since we truly believe in the cause of mission, it is worth noting that short-term mission trips are a great way to use your own personal finances for the sake of God’s glory and mission. We ask that each team member consider paying their own way, at least in part, and we require that each team member agrees to cover the remainder of their own cost if/when they’re unable to raise sufficient support through team initiatives and support letters.


Interested in joining the team? Please email Joe Kobriger, the team’s admin leader, to begin exploring next steps.