Last year at Grace the mission team began a new ministry grant program. This grant program allows us to support members and/or friends of our church who serve in a wide range of like-minded ministries by providing one-time financial contributions ranging from $250 – $2,500. Below you’ll find a summary of each grant that was awarded in 2017. Please join us in celebrating and praying for the leaders and ministries listed below!


Tammy Carpenter (Global Service Network)

Tammy is a friend of the Berth family ― Chuck & Gail Berth are former Grace members. She also serves with the Global Service Network, in partnership with Cru, to identify and train cross-cultural missionaries to be sent from China. After visiting Grace and applying, the mission team awarded her a grant to go towards her personal support needs.

Manuel & Lucy Carrasco (SIM)

Manuel & Lucy are veteran missionaries with SIM who serve in Chile. They’re long-time personal friends of George & Joan Gorton, members at Grace. We awarded the Carrascos a grant to cover the cost of providing a well for a Chilean community where they do ministry.

Oscar Fuentes (Word of Life, Guatemala)

Many of you know Oscar Fuentes, the director of Word of Life Guatemala, where we do our annual service trip. We awarded Oscar and his team a grant to help fund the travel expenses that brought more children to their summer Bible camp in Argentina.

Kevin & Tiffany Gipp (People International)

Kevin & Tiffany Gipp are now church planting missionaries who recently began a new cross-cultural assignment in Kyrgyzstan with People International. Kevin’s mother, Michele, used to work at Grace Church as our Care Director. After visiting Grace and applying, the mission team awarded the Gipps a grant to help send them to the field for their new assignment.

Erica Kienzle (TEAM)

Erica Kienzle is the daughter of Paul & Laura Kienzle, long-time Grace missionaries, and the former interim Mission Directors at Grace. In a few months, Erica will begin her first very-own first cross-cultural missions assignment with TEAM, a missions agency closely affiliated with SAM (South America Mission). She will be serving at a kids Bible camp in Baja, Mexico, just outside the city of La Paz. Over the course of 2017, Erica also participated in Grace’s new missionary training track from a distance. We awarded Erica with a grant to help her fundraising efforts in getting to the field, and in 2018 we will begin a new long-term missionary partnership with Erica as well.

Regan Martin (Training Leaders International)

Regan connected with Pastor Mike at a preaching seminar early last year. In 2017, he and his family were sent as missionaries to Western Cape, South Africa. Regan focuses on equipping local church pastors for ministry and serves through Training Leaders International. After reaching out to Grace and applying, we awarded the Martin family with a grant to help fund their ministry and get them to the field.

Jacky & Anna Meremables (Lifesong for Orphans, Haiti)

The Meremables are one of us ― members of Grace Church, devoted to serving this congregation over the past few years. Being a native Haitian, Jacky has always sensed a call to serve in ministry in his home country. This year, after considering a handful of opportunities, Anna and he took on new leadership roles with Lifesong for Orphans ― a ministry that focuses on reaching, caring for, and preparing the orphans of Haiti to live fruitful, Christ-centered lives. We will pray over and send them off in mid-February. This 2017 grant went to fundraising efforts in getting to them to field. We plan to continue an ongoing partnership with the Meremables through our church’s annual offering for the poor. They’re also already being considered for a 2018 grant as well. We will miss them dearly at Grace! Please pray for their transition.

Emily Pearson (CRU)

Emily was raised here at Grace Church; her parents are still faithful members. In 2017, after graduating from college, Emily spent her first year serving full-time with Cru in Perth, Australia. After applying, we awarded her a grant to help her get to the field for the first time. After her first year in ministry, we heard a great report back about her experience and she is already being considered for a 2018 grant as well. She just returned to Perth last week ― Go Emily!

Paul & Jenn Runnoe (CRU)

The Runnoes are Cru staff in the La Crosse / Winona area; we’ve partnered with them for a number of years now. In 2017, they also applied for support for a specific ministry project. We awarded the Runnoes a grant for a short-term mission trip to northern India ― a predominantly Hindu part of the world ― to help the leaders there lay the groundwork for ongoing Cru ministry on multiple college campuses.

Frank & Slyvia Saavedra (Reach Global, EFCA)

The Saavedras are close friends with Larry & Maggie White, Grace Church members, and others as well! They serve as missionaries with ReachGlobal in Panama, with an emphasis in sports ministries and local church leadership training. After visiting Grace and applying, the mission team awarded the Saavedras a grant for their personal support for 2017.

Noah Sauder (CRU short-term)

Noah was born and raised at Grace Church. As a college student, he applied for a grant to help fund a short-term mission trip opportunity to Perth, Australia with Cru. He had a wonderful experience there and expressed his personal gratitude for the support!

SAMAIR Peru (South America Mission)

SAM has been a key cross-cultural missions partner for many years; Pastor Jerry currently serves on the board. After a leadership vision trip with SAM to Peru in 2017, the mission team approved SAM for a grant to support their SAMAIR program. The program flies indigenous tribal pastors to/from Pucallpa, the nearest jungle city, for pastoral training and ministry collaboration.

Tim Thomas (AWANA)

Tim serves as the AWANA leader for our region, supporting our Wednesday night program ― along with more than hundreds of others throughout S.E. Wisconsin. In 2017, we awarded him a grant to go towards his personal support needs.