Children's Ministry

We exist to equip and encourage parents in their discipleship of their children by integrating, nurturing, and commissioning their children in both the fear and grace of the Lord!

Sunday Mornings

Childcare is available during the entirety of the worship service for children aged birth – Kindergarten. Children ages 2-kindergarten will also have an age-appropriate Bible lesson each week. 

Children in 1st-4th grades are welcome to participate in “Worshipers in Training” which meets during the second half of our worship service (children are dismissed after the singing portion of worship). Worshipers in Training follows along with the same passage of Scripture that is being taught by the pastor in the sanctuary but at a more age-appropriate level.

If you are new or visiting Grace, stop by our info desk in the main commons when you arrive and a children’s ministry team member would be happy to help you sign your kids in for these Sunday morning ministries and escort you and your family to their respective classrooms.

IG-Nite (Intentional Growth Nite) is our midweek children’s ministry!  Our goal for IG-Nite is that it will be a place where kids can intentionally focus on growing in knowing Christ and how they can make Him known to others! Specifically we want to see kids grow in three areas:

  • Grow in their relationship with Jesus
  • Grow in their confidence with skills like sharing the Gospel, using their Bible, and living the Christian life
  • Grow in godly relationships with both their peers and mentoring adults

WHO is it for?  IG-Nite is for kids aged 3 through those in 5th grade.  Any child in the greater Racine community is welcome to attend.  You do not need to be a regular attender of Grace Church to attend IG-Nite.

WHEN does it start?  IG-Nite kicks off Wednesday, September 14. It will meet from 6:15 p.m. – 8 p.m. on most Wednesdays throughout the school year.  Children are welcome to join at any point during the school year!

WHAT do you do at IG-Nite?  Learn engaging Bible lessons, play fun games, sing and dance with worship songs, and discuss and pray with your small group.

Check out our IG-Nite Playlist on Spotify.

Overview:   Our objective in preschool is for kids to have a basic understanding of how the Bible fits together from Genesis-Revelation as they learn and review major Bible events through stories, songs, crafts, games, and more.
To do this we use the Big Picture Story Bible and follow through the stories chronologically.  We make our way through this entire story Bible each school year.  Preschoolers who are in the program for more than one year will have the curriculum repeated but we see this as a value for young children to help them understand a basic Biblical timeline before moving onto the elementary years.
Please note: In order to attend the preschool IG-Nite program children must be fully potty-trained, able to sit still and focus for at least 10 minutes, and be able to stay up and be alert past 8 pm.  We recommend that children attend the program 1-2 years before starting kindergarten.
Resources for Follow-Up at Home:
What we are learning this month:
September 14th - IG-Nite Begins!
Introduction: God's Big Story - the Bible
September 21st The Very Good Beginning - Creation Follow Up At Home Review and Activity
September 28th A Very Sad Day - The Fall
*NOTE for Parents:  Instead of going to the app referenced in the video, you can use our IG-Nite Playlist (link) for your time of musical worship!
Overview:  Our objective is for our early elementary students to get a grasp on two big questions – WHO is God?  And WHAT is the Gospel?  Through songs, games, crafts, and an interactive workbook, our kindergarten and first-grade students will become investigators as they dig into these two big questions!

For 2022-23 we will be focusing on WHO God is by using the Truth 78 Curriculum "The ABCs of God". Each week we will discover a different letter of the alphabet and a corresponding attribute of God. For each attribute we will ask three questions (which are also great to review with your lower elementary student each week):

  • Who Is God?
  • What is God Like?
  • How Should I Act Toward God?
In 2023-24 we will be doing a study on WHAT is the Gospel using another Truth78 Curriculum called "Jesus, What a Savior"
Resources for Follow-Up at Home:
What we are learning this month:
September 14th - IG-Nite Begins!  -- Lesson 1
Q is for Questions The Three Most Important Questions we can ask about God are: Who is God? What is God like? and How Should I Act Toward God?
September 21st -- Lesson 2 I is for Incomprehensible God is more than we can fully understand
September 28th -- Lesson 3 Y is for YHWH YHWH is God's personal name and He wants His name known

Overview: As kids become more confident readers, we want to help them apply those skills to the most important book of all…the Bible!  Our objective for the middle elementary level is to develop biblical literacy in our students by teaching them what the Bible is about, how to use and study the Bible, and why we can trust and treasure the Bible! We use the "What's in the Bible" curriculum to help students to understand the biblical timeline from Genesis to Revelation as well as adding in some time for Bible skills such as how to look up a verse, basic Bible interpretation skills, and learning our books of the Bible.  Because we are working on Bible literacy skills we highly encourage students to bring their own Bible to IG-Nite with them each week. This curriculum is a two-year rotation: For 2022-23 we will be studying the Biblical Timeline from Creation to Return from Exile. For 2023-24 we will do a review of the timeline thus far and then continue through from Exile to Christ’s Return and His Forever Kingdom.

Resources for Follow-Up at Home:
What we are learning this month:
September 14th - IG-Nite Begins! -- Week 1 Topic: Introduction to the Bible and What is in the Bible! Bible Skill:  Testaments, Books, Chapters, and Verses - identifying how the Bible is structuredSeptember 21st -- Week 2 Topic: Who Wrote the Bible Bible Skill:  Finding a verse in the Bible (how to navigate a Bible page)
September 28th -- Week 3 Topic: Genesis and Primeval History Bible Skill: Books of the Bible Genesis - Deuteronomy; Identifying Repetition and Patterns: How Patterns in Words can Help us Understand a Text
Overview: We want to equip older elementary kids as they get ready to head to middle school and beyond by helping them explore what we believe as Christians and why we believe it!  Using a Question and Answer format we help kids better understand how the Bible answers these big questions. Because we highly emphasize in this curriculum that Scripture is where we find the answers to these questions, it is highly encouraged that 4th/5th grade students bring their Bible with them each week.

The New City Catechism Curriculum is our main curriculum for this age group and is divided into a two year cycle. For 2022-23 we will be covering Questions 1-30 of the New City Catechism. In 2023-24 we will be doing a brief review and then covering questions 30-52.

Resources for Follow-Up at Home:
What we are learning this month:
September 14th - IG-Nite Begins! 
Question: What is our only hope in life and death? Answer: That we are not our own but belong to God
September 21st Question: What is God? Answer: God is the Creator of everyone and everything
September 28th Question: How many persons are there in God? Answer: There are three persons in one God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

At Grace Church we believe children are a gift from God, and we are very excited that you are considering child dedication. Child dedication is a commitment you make before God, as parents, to give thanks to God and raise your children according to God’s purpose. It is our heart to partner with you as your child grows and develops their own personal relationship with God. To that end, we offer a dedication service designed to help you commit to raising your child to find and follow God! 

Got questions? Visit the Child Dedication page to learn more.

The next Child Dedication date is Sunday, October 30, 2022 with a required class on Sunday, October 16, 2022 at 11:00am

Please note that in order to have your child dedicated at Grace, at least ONE of the parents dedicating the child must be a member of Grace Church. 

Church Picture Schedule and Expectations
Great for use with younger children to help them follow along with the service and to set and remember expectations during the service.  You may even want to offer an incentive for meeting the expectations.  Print one off for your children to follow along with each Sunday.

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My Church Schedule

Interested in serving in Children's ministry?

We are always looking for more volunteers to partner with us in sharing the love of Jesus with the next generation of the church!  We are looking for faithful, cheerful, go-getter volunteers who love Christ and His Word and want to share it with others!

As a church, we are aware of the dangers to children in our culture, and we strive to make the church environment a positive, safe, and happy place for children to grow in their spiritual understanding.  For this reason, we require that anyone working with minors in a ministry capacity at the church complete our volunteer application which includes a background check. Volunteers are then routinely screened again during the years of their service in an attempt to maintain an unhindered ministry to children.  

If you would like more information about volunteering in children’s ministry at Grace Church or about our child protection policy, please click here.

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