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Sunday Worship Services

On Sundays at 9:30am we gather together for worship service. As soon as you walk into the church you will see a large round booth where you can check your children into our Grace Kids ministry, or ask us questions about Grace. The atmosphere of our worship services is casual, and involves music, Scripture reading, prayer, and a sermon. A typical service lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.

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Life Groups

Life Groups are small gatherings people that meet in homes and coffee shops around Racine. The primary focus of Life Groups is relationships. They are a great way to make Grace feel smaller by building friendships in a personal, informal setting. Each Life Group is slightly different, but in general you can expect to do these three things: hang out, discuss the previous week’s sermon, and pray together.

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Grace Kids

Newborns through 5th Graders learn about God’s powerful love.

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Grace Student Ministries

6-12 Graders learn about freedom in the Grace of Jesus.

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Care Ministry

Serving hurting people through life’s difficult seasons.

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Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

Young Moms connect at Grace.

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More opportunities coming soon…