Family Resources

Online Lessons and Devotions

Seeds Family Worship 20 Verses in 2020

20 verses for you to memorize together.  For each verse there are two family devotions as well as songs and hand motion videos for you to learn the verse through song – all for free!

Lifeway Kids at Home and Lifeway Preschool at Home

Free digital Sunday School lessons for your elementary or preschool children complete with printables.

Books and Printed Devotionals

Listing of all the Books from Miss Rachel’s Story Time

You can sort this listing by date & theme and use this to purchase books for use in your home, or by finding them on Rachel Menke’s Facebook page by date.

Exploring the Bible and Meeting with Jesus Devotional Workbooks

Simple workbooks that introduce your middle elementary-middle schooler into daily Bible reading habits by walking them through the Bible.

Exploring the Bible gives an overview of the Bible, while Meeting with Jesus covers the life of Christ.

Long Story Short and Old Story New Family Devotionals

Short 10-minute family devotions to do with elementary-aged children; also great to let your teen lead for your younger children.

For Use During or as Preparation for the Church Service

Sermon Follow-Along Sheets

Uploaded each Friday, print them off to use at home or they are available with a clipboard and crayons at church.  Each sheet includes a picture to color, words to listen for, a word search, and questions to discuss as a family.

Church Picture Schedule and Expectations

Great for use with younger children to help them follow along with the service and to set and remember expectations during the service.  You may even want to offer an incentive for meeting the expectations.  Print one off for your children to follow along with each Sunday.

Sunday Songs Playlist

See what songs we are singing and choose 1-2 to learn as a family (or at least the chorus) to encourage your non-readers and beginning readers to participate in worship through song.