Kid's Follow-Along Sheet

The Follow-Along sheet is a tool developed weekly to coincide with the sermon and help kids be engaged.

As a part of our vision to see children know Christ and make Christ known by learning to participate alongside their families in the worship service, we provide weekly follow-along sheets to help keep children engaged during the worship service. For younger children, there are coloring and other activities designed for non-readers and beginning readers. The sheets for older students involve some simple fill-in-the-blank questions that can be answered from the sermon. Printed copies are available each Sunday along with a clipboard at the information desk.

  • For Pre K – Early Elementary Kids

  • For Elementary – Middle School Aged Kids

Church Picture Schedule and Expectations
Great for use with younger children to help them follow along with the service and to set and remember expectations during the service.  You may even want to offer an incentive for meeting the expectations.  Print one off for your children to follow along with each Sunday.

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