The Lord is working in the Children’s Ministry here at Grace. It is so exciting to see how many new families are coming to Grace, and yet this growth and increase in this age group definitely presented some challenges for us. For about a year now we have struggled to have a good number of helpers in our two year old room to care for the growing number of children who come on a weekly basis. We tried many avenues for reaching people with the opportunity to serve but had very limited success. Understanding that people are busy and that many were already serving somewhere else, we continued to pray and seek the Lord’s leading in how to provide wonderful care for these kids.  Then in August, through the leadership of Danny D’Acquisto (our Director of Communication), we launched The City. The Lord has already been using this tool in amazing ways. We posted our need for volunteers as a Service Opportunity on The City, where the entire church could see and respond to it. Over the course of 5 weeks we’ve had thirteen people respond to our request! This is more people than we heard from in the six months prior.

It is so wonderful to see how this tool is connecting people who have a desire to serve the Lord in the local church with the opportunities that are available to them. The City is allowing people to immediately see the need, respond, and get involved. The growing number of kids in the two year old age range requires that we divide into two groups. With the people who responded to this Service Opportunity via the City we will be able to adequately staff both rooms with loving, caring people to teach the two year olds about Jesus and bless their families.

Just one great example of how The City helps us accomplish our mission together at Grace: Equipping people to worship God as a community on mission. Thank you very much to our new volunteers. We’re very grateful for your help, so are the kids!