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Pastor Mike Matheson - March 22, 2020

Are You Ever Really Satisfied?

Are You Ever Really Satisfied?

The question of satisfaction can be thrown at us in many arenas. Were you satisfied with your shopping experience? Complete this survey for a chance to win a gift card. Were you satisfied with your dining experience? Leave a review online. Satisfaction at a consumer level will vary from person to person. But what about at the spiritual level? Are you ever really satisfied? Too often the answer is no and we seek to find satisfaction from the variety of offerings the world has for us—much like the woman Jesus met at the well. In John 4 we learn that only Jesus satisfies our deepest needs. Further, those who embrace this truth will bring others to him to experience true and lasting satisfaction.

Scripture References: John 4:1-42

From Series: "Down To Earth: John 1-6"

This series will take us through the first 6 chapters of the book of John.

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