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Pastor Mike Matheson - November 15, 2020

Learning To See Things Upside-Down

Learning To See Things Upside-Down

The coronation of a newly crowned king or queen puts on full display the majesty, wealth, and prestige of the new monarch. In many ways, the ceremony makes a powerful statement about what kind of ruler he or she will be. In John 12, Jesus arrives at Jerusalem for the Passover feast. Upon his arrival, the crowds greeted him seemingly ready to make him their king. Yet Jesus reveals in this moment just what kind of king he truly is when he rides in on a donkey. He then declares that the hour has finally arrived for him to be glorified. However, in this upside-down kingdom, it will look different from any other coronation celebration.

Scripture References: John 12:12-26

From Series: "Believe it or Not: John 7-12"

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