Thank you so much for your interest in joining a short term mission team from Grace Church.  Your life will be forever impacted by allowing yourself to be involved with what God is doing in many  places allover the world.  We hope this is just a small step on your way to having a

 Missions Mindset – where missions become part of every aspect of your life.

We want you to know the process for being selected to join a team.  Filling out the application is the first step, but does not guarantee your spot on a team.  

1. Fill out the Short-term Missions Application in its entirety.

2. Have two Reference Forms completed.  The forms must be filled out and sent in by

those who are referring you.

3. Often times an interview with the Missions Pastor will be required due to space

limitations for a trip. This interview will help put together the team best equipped for

the trip. You will be contacted if and when an interview is needed.


If you are selected as a team member, you will be required to complete the following documents:

1.  Background Check Form.

2.  Waiver and Release Form.


If you are selected as a team member, you will be asked to make the following commitments: 

1.  Go through the training and team building process prior to departure and attend a debrief

meeting after your return.  There will be several mandatory meetings in the months prior

to your departure.

2.  Submit to the authority of the team leader and field host on outlined trip policies.

3.  Conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the Lord and maintain a positive witness.

4.  Raise your own support  after receiving preparation and equipping for the task.

5.  Be prepared to pay for 1/3 the total cost of the trip out of pocket while raising the other

2/3 through donations and team fund-raising.

6. Cover the expense of your trip personally if you fail to raise sufficient funds or withdraw

from the trip voluntarily.

Upon selection to be part of a team a $100 deposit will be required to secure your spot. 

We will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure a trip that,

  • brings Glory to God alone
  • is beneficial to those on the mission field
  • is enjoyable and enlightening for you