This post is an update on where we are with our next worship album. Last year our worship team began the process of recording a few new original worship songs and hymn arrangements. While we were originally thinking of releasing the album in November of last year, we decided that it would be more advantagous to release it around Easter of this year. The songs on the album lend themselves, thematically speaking, to an Easter release as opposed to a near Christmas release.

We are really excited to be in the final stages of this project, as we’ll soon be able to share these songs with you. Our hope is that they will encourage and bless you and help you continue growing in the way you engage in worship on Sundays! We’ve already introduced one of the original worship songs, and we’ll be singing it again this Sunday. The song is called “Sing Your Glory,” which also happens to be the title for the whole album. Attached to this message is a roughly mixed version of “Sing Your Glory” for you to preview. Click here for the lyrics and chords.

If you have any thoughts and/or questions about this project, I’d be thrilled to chat with you! And I’m looking forward to worshiping with you this Sunday as we gather to sing his glory!

Grace and peace in Christ,