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We talk about Jesus all year, but the Advent season is a very special time to reflect on the humility that Christ showed in becoming a man, dwelling among us, and dying on our behalf. During this Advent series we will take a look at what Jesus’s mission was while he was here on earth. Our worship bands also created a 3-song Christmas album with some classics as well as an original song entitled, The Son of Glory. Enjoy the music for free below! These songs will be sung throughout The Son of Glory series.

Christmas Eve Services: 3 & 5pm

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The Son of Glory Came to Reach

December 1st, 2013

In John 1:1-17, we hear that God has come to live amongst us in order to restore our relationship to Him and one another. In looking at the incarnation, we’re forced to recognize Christ’s unmatched humility in reaching us and the implications this has as we are sent out to reach others.

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The Son of Glory Came to Serve

December 8th, 2013

In Mark 10:45, Jesus turns religion on its head: The good news of Christianity (and Christmas) is that to be a disciple of Jesus is not primarily about serving him, but being served by him; being ransomed by him, as we serve one another.

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The Son of Glory Came to Die

December 15th, 2013

Christianity is not primarily about serving, but being served by Christ. It is primarily about being ransomed by Jesus in his death. Jesus came for the purpose of freeing us from sin, which could only be accomplished through his death as a substitute.

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The Son of Glory Came to Save

December 22nd, 2013

Jesus, the Son of Glory, is a savior. And that means that whatever is good and pure in your life need never be lost; whatever is broken and sinful in your life can be changed. Jesus has done all that we need for salvation.

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