Strategic Emphases

The things we’re focused on.

Prayer   |   Discipleship   |   Local Mission   |   Holistic Care   |   Leader Development   |   Financial Health


Strategic Emphasis #1

Why focus on prayer?

One of the great mysteries of life is that our prayers matter to God. As an all-knowing, all-powerful God, he sovereignly weaves our prayers into immeasurably good and eternal purposes.

First and foremost, this season of prioritization and focus will be a season of prayer. All of the thinking, planning, and strategizing represented in this booklet began with prayer and will be empowered by prayer, because God has the power, wisdom, and goodness to use our prayers to do more than we could ever imagine.


  1. Increase leadership’s focus on prayer’s vitality and power
  2. Host regular member prayer gatherings
  3. Identify, mobilize, and unleash members with the spiritual gift of prayer


Strategic Emphasis #2

Why focus on discipleship?

Discipleship is at the very heart of any biblical church. At Grace, our desire is to see God glorified as people grow together in Christ. This involves walking through the many complexities of everyday life with other Christians. Our church can do many great things, but if we don’t grow together as disciples, our work is incomplete. This is why we want to emphasize discipleship and strengthen any aspect of our ministry that facilitates discipling relationships, like Life Groups and our Men’s & Women’s Gatherings.


  1. Increased Life Group participation, exceeding 60% of average Sunday adult attendance
  2. Develop and implement a clear pathway of discipleship, from attending, to membership, to mature faith with a strong scriptural foundation
  3. Reorient existing programs and create new avenues that provide families with resources for healthy spiritual and relational growth

Local Mission

Strategic Emphasis #3

Why focus on local mission?

We believe that the local church doesn’t exist in a vacuum, but, instead, as an integral part of its surrounding community. This is part of God’s design for the spread of the gospel. As people are transformed by the Grace of God and welcomed into the church, they are then called to live their lives in light of the gospel: at home, in schools, at work, and in their neighborhoods.

As God develops Grace Church’s heart for lost and hurting  people in our city,  we want to  respond by building relationships, being a helpful presence, sharing the gospel, and welcoming people into the church.


  1. Develop a comprehensive plan to effectively meet spiritual and physical needs within the City of Racine
  2. Develop a plan for reaching Spanish-speaking populations and supporting pre-existing gospel-centered churches in the city and county
  3. Host a weekend-long evangelism training intensive
  4. Develop a plan to plant a church in Racine County

Holistic Care

Strategic Emphasis #4

Why focus on holistic care?

The Christian life does not come without hardship. In fact, Jesus teaches us that we will experience suffering. This is why we want to expand and strengthen Grace Church’s capacity to care for members and attendees, in order to meet the needs of the hurting people within our church and community. We believe that suffering can be used for good, to mold us into the image of Christ. Our heart is to provide hurting people with relationships and resources that will help them suffer well and trust Jesus more in the midst of life’s trials.


  1. Train and launch a Peacemaking Team to help church members work through relational conflict
  2. Develop a team of lay counselors to meet the basic counseling needs of Grace
  3. Create a partnership with a Christian counseling organization, offering professional Christian counseling in Racine with a discount for Grace Church members

Leader Development

Strategic Emphasis #5

Why focus on leader development?

We want to identify, equip, and empower faithful Christian leaders who care for, build up, and shepherd the local church. This involves providing relational and theological ministry training for aspiring elders, pastors, church planters, Life Group leaders, ministry team leaders, and more. We want to develop godly leaders who humbly, faithfully, and effectively serve the church.


  1. Create a development plan for each elder, focusing on character, spiritual growth, and leadership skills
  2. Organize the elders and pastors to allow for increased shepherding of the flock spiritually, physically, and emotionally (Appoint lay servants to assist elders in this work)
  3. Develop a leadership manual with clear, detailed descriptions for all leadership roles, articulating best practices for key roles and specifying their relationship to staff, Pastoral Leadership Team, and elders
  4. Implement development track for ministry leaders and prospective lay elders

Financial Health

Strategic Emphasis #6

Why focus on financial health?

We want to be a radically generous church whose giving and spending is in line with its vision. Eliminating our mortgage debt is one way that we can lower our expenses, freeing up resources for additional gospel ministry.

Thankfully, giving is also of personal, spiritual benefit for Christians. A commitment to give of our financial resources is an expression of worship, helping us to see ourselves as we truly are: entirely dependant on God for all things.


  1. Relaunch our Debt Free Ministry Initiative, highlighting God’s generosity and his desire for Grace to be a radically generous church
  2. Retire our building debt
  3. Maintain personnel costs at no more than 55% of the annual budget
  4. Ensure that local mission is appropriately funded in a way that is in line with our local mission emphasis