The Vision of Grace Church

What does it mean for you?

To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in order to see every person connected, every person discipled, and every person on mission.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ   |   Every Person Connected   |  Every Person Discipled   |   Every Person On Mission

The Gospel of Jesus Christ


What is the gospel?

God lovingly entered a broken and sinful world in order to bring us into right standing with himself through the death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus. This is the gospel.

The gospel is at the center of all that we believe and do at Grace Church.  In Colossians 1:17-18 we read that Jesus is “before all things,” and “in him all things hold together.”  This means that Jesus isn’t just a supporting character in the life of our church, he commands the spotlight.

Since all things find their purpose and meaning in Jesus, we recognize that we are only accomplishing ministry when Jesus is the driving force of our efforts.

Therefore, when we say we want every person connected, discipled, and on mission we mean that we want every person connected to Jesus, discipled as a follower of Jesus, and finally sent as a messenger who shares the good news that Jesus saves sinners.

Every Person Connected

Sharing Life with Others

What do we mean by “connected”?

First and foremost, we want you to be connected to God through a vital relationship with Christ. When God reconciles us to himself through Christ, he also reconciles us to one another (John 13:34-45).

Along with actively participating in our Sunday services, there are many ways for you to connect with the men, women, young adults, and children that make up the Grace Church family. At Grace, you will meet all different kinds of people who have one thing in common: their love for Jesus Christ. This is a great place to meet people and build meaningful, life-impacting friendships.

Get started…

  1. Worship with us on Sundays
  2. Attend a Connect Meeting
  3. Join a Life Group
  4. Go to a Men’s or Women’s  Gathering

Every Person Discipled

Growing Together in Christ

What is discipleship?

A “disciple” is simply a follower of Jesus who is in relationship with other followers of Jesus. Whether you are a long-time Christian or just exploring the claims of the Bible for the first time, it is important to walk the road of faith with other people.

Making disciples and becoming better disciples is part of the DNA of the church. If you participate in everything the church offers, yet don’t grow in Christlikeness, what good is that?

We don’t think church needs to be complicated. When it comes to the work of ministry, our primary goal is to help each other become more like Jesus. That is discipleship.

Get started…

  1. Invest in meaningful friendships
  2. Follow Christ with a friend or two
  3. Take a class to learn God’s word

Every Person on Mission

Living the Gospel

What does it mean to live on mission?

Living “on mission” means seeing every aspect of life through the lens of the gospel. With this persepective we are able to bring hope to the people around us.

Rather than seeing mission as just one of the departments of our church, we see mission as the call of every Christian, to love and serve others with the hope of the gospel.

We want to be present in our community, a spiritual force of good in the name of Jesus. This involves engaging our neighbors, friends, family members, co-workers, and people all over the world who need to know of God’s saving love and power.

Get started…

  1. Build relationships with non-Christians
  2. Be a helpful presence in their lives
  3. Share the gospel with them
  4. Invite them to church with you