What Classes Are All About

Our classes are designed to help you know and follow Christ more faithfully by developing a deeper understanding of God and his Word. Classes launch twice a year—in the Fall (mid-September) and the Spring (mid-February). Most classes run twelve weeks and are scheduled before and after the Sunday worship service or on a weeknight.

Classes begin on February 4, 2024. Learn more:

Teachers: Chris Amundson & Rachel Menke

Meets: Sunday Mornings, 11am, beginning February 4

The Lord has called all of his people to go and make disciples; and as families, the first place we are to do that is within our own home. But one thing that often holds us back from doing what we have been called to is a lack of confidence in how to start those conversations with our kids. This 8 week class is designed to help you see and use those opportunities to talk about the things of God with your kids.  The class is designed for families to attend together and not only learn about God’s design for what the church is, but to also get some guided practical experience in walking through these things together as a household.

This class is for children and teens in first grade and older to attend with their parents.

Teacher: Ryan Boyer

Meets: Sunday Mornings, 11am, beginning February 4

Jesus declared that all Scripture points us to him (Luke 24), yet knowing how to see him can be challenging. In this six week class, you will be equipped to see Christ in both the Old and New Testaments, exploring the different types of literature found in each. The class will also show how this impacts our application of Scripture to our lives, as well as an overview of the entire Bible as it relates to Jesus' life, death, and resurrection.

Teacher: Dave Jansson

Meets: Sunday Mornings, 11am,  beginning February 4

Do you feel frustrated or a bit helpless when “science” is used as a means of confronting your faith, whether you’re in school or out in the world?  Do you wish you could respond more confidently when God’s Word is being “dissed” in the name of science?  This 8-week course will help.  We will look at science and faith in a way that everyone can understand, and marvel at the ways in which the Living God is revealing more of Himself to mankind — those He has made in His own image.