What Classes Are All About

Our classes are designed to help you know and follow Christ more faithfully by developing a deeper understanding of God and his Word. Classes launch twice a year—in the Fall (mid-September) and the Spring (mid-February). Most classes run twelve weeks and are scheduled before and after the Sunday worship service or on a weeknight.

Fall Classes

  • The End Times—An Overview of Biblical Teaching

    Teachers: Pastor Mike Matheson, Patrick Tetzlaff

    Meets: Sunday Mornings at 11am, beginning September 18 (6 weeks)

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, interest in the end times has increased. The world we live in seems increasingly unstable. The situation has left many people asking, “Are we rapidly approaching the end? What insights can be gained by examining biblical prophecy? Are vaccine passports the mark of the beast? Who is the antichrist, and has he arrived?” In this class we will explore what the Bible has to say about prophecy, the end times, the mark of the beast, the antichrist and other related topics.

  • Women & God (Women’s Class)

    Teachers: Michelle Jenks & Jenna Jossart

    Meets: Sunday Mornings at 11am, beginning September 18 (6 weeks) // meets after service

    Have you ever wondered what God truly thinks about the women he’s created?  Our world sends us so many messages about how we should view women in their jobs, relationships, and family roles that it can be confusing. What does the Bible actually say about women? Join us as we explore the Scripture to discover the truth about Women and God. 

    Note: The book titled Women & God by Kathleen Nielson, is a companion book to this class, and is available at the Bookstall, but it is not required reading.

  • Tune-Up Your Prayer Life

    Teachers: Matthew Lautz & Luke Greenwald

    Meets: Sunday Mornings at 11am, beginning October 30 (4 weeks) // meets after service

    Everyone wishes their prayer lives were better. We know it’s important and that we should be doing it more often, but at the end of the day, we just don’t seem to be getting anywhere. In this class we’ll help you identify some of the main obstacles that keep you from having a healthy prayer life. It’s a tune-up for your prayer life to get your walk with Christ moving again!

  • One-to-One Bible Reading

    Teachers: Mike Zimmer & Erin Fleming

    Meets: Sunday Mornings at 11am, beginning October 30 (4 weeks) // meets after service

    Large Bible studies can be intimidating for some people: “what if I say the wrong thing”… “I don’t like speaking in large groups of people”… “I don’t have time to complete a lot of prep work…” If this is you but you still long for a Bible study because you love learning more about God through His Word, then this class is for you! We will teach David Helm’s very simple study methods from his book One-to-One Bible Reading. This class is perfect for those who are new to Bible reading, and for those more seasoned Christians who feel called to teach a small study, and for everyone in between. Essentially, this is a great way to connect with one other person while reading God’s Word together!