What Classes Are All About

Our classes are designed to help you know and follow Christ more faithfully by developing a deeper understanding of God and his Word. Classes launch twice a year—in the Fall (mid-September) and the Spring (mid-February). Most classes run twelve weeks and are scheduled before and after the Sunday worship service or on a weeknight.

Classes begin Sunday, February 19th at 11am

  • First Principles (The Charles Simeon Trust)

    Teacher: Pastor Mike Matheson
    Time: After Service – 8 Weeks
    Class Size: Limited to 25 Participants for Best Engagement
    Cost: $19/person (through Charles Simeon Trust)

    Description: The Charles Simeon Trust is a workshop that our pastors and ministry leaders have been attending over the last few years in order to sharpen their understanding of the scriptures and effectively communicate what they teach. If you have a desire to mine the scriptures for deeper understanding and growth, this First Principles course is a great benefit to all growing Christians. It focuses on the most fundamental principles for studying and teaching the Bible.

  • One-to-One Bible Reading

    Teachers: Erin Fleming & Special Guest Teacher!
    Time: After Service – 4 Weeks

    Description: You’ve been hearing about this One-to-One Bible Reading but what is it all about? This class is perfect for those who are new to Bible reading, for more seasoned Christians, and for everyone in between! Come and learn how easy it is to open the Bible with one other person read God’s word together!

  • Financial Peace University

    Teachers: Mike Zimmer & Matt Hagemann
    Time: After Service – 8 Weeks

    Description: Are you stressed about money? Worried about “what ifs…?” Come and join Matt and Mike as they teach Dave Ramsey’s course. Learn how to budget, save, and give!

Beginning March 19th (4 weeks)

  • Tune-Up Your Prayer Life

    Teachers: Matthew Lautz & Luke Greenwald
    Time: After Service (Beginning March 19th) – 4 Weeks

    Description: Everyone wishes their prayer lives were better. We know it’s important and that we should be doing it more often, but at the end of the day, we just don’t seem to be getting anywhere. In this class, we’ll help you identify some of the main obstacles that keep you from having a healthy prayer life. It’s a tune-up for your prayer life to get your walk with Christ moving again!