Life Groups

Life Groups are one of the best ways to build community within Grace Church. They gather with the purpose of spending time together learning from God’s word, praying for one another, and sharing life together. It is through Life Groups that you can grow to know Christ in an ever-increasing way.

There are Life Groups available every day of the week throughout the Racine area. Most of which are mixed-gendered groups that come together to review the past week’s sermon or study a book together. We also offer men’s and women’s Life Groups as well.

Interested in joining a Life Group, or just looking for more info? Fill out the form below:

Life Groups


Claudio & Katie Lins // Sunday Rewind

Meets Sundays
Heather and Andy

Andy & Heather Feliksiak // Sunday Rewind

Meets Sundays

Chris & Dawn Amundson // Sunday Rewind

Meets Mondays

Matthew & Laura Hagemann // Books of the Bible

Meets Tuesdays

Jan & Linda Pflederer // Senior Adults, Sunday Rewind

Meets Tuesdays
D&L photo (2023-10-01)

Dave & Libby Jansson // Sunday Rewind

Meets Tuesdays

Karen Sytsma // Women's Group

Meets Tuesdays

Ruth Heapes & Ann Richow // Women's, Books of the Bible

Meets Wednesdays

Craig Husch // Topical

Meets Wednesdays
Stu Sherrie LifeGroup Cropped

Stu & Sherrie Erdenberg // Sunday Rewind

Meets Thursdays

John & Carol Tennyck // Senior Adults, Topical

Meets Thursdays (May – December)

Jenna Jossart // Young Adult, Books of the Bible

Meets Thursdays

Jay & Carol Eckholm // Sunday Rewind

Meets Thursdays

Dean & Shari Blake // Sunday Rewind

Meets Fridays

Clint Klepp & Mike Zimmer // Men's Group, Fast Forward

Meets Fridays