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Pastor Chris Amundson - July 24, 2022

Covenant: God Commits to His People

Covenant: God Commits to His People

As we saw last week with the Passover, God expects the Israelites to follow His instructions in order to live in fellowship with Him. But after the Israelites failed to follow God’s covenant before it was even ratified (e.g. the golden calf), God graciously gives Moses the terms of the covenant on Mount Sinai again. The rules that Moses is receiving are the rules that Israel needs to follow in order to live with a God who is too holy for them. In our passage this week, we learn what it takes for an unholy people to covenant with a holy God, and we catch a glimpse at how the veil, the boundary between humanity and the glory of God, can be lifted.

Scripture References: Exodus 34:1-35

From Series: "Sunday Morning Service"

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