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Pastor Mike Matheson - March 1, 2020

The Meeting Place of God and Man

The Meeting Place of God and Man

John’s Gospel continues revealing Jesus to us. So far we have been told: Jesus is the eternal Word that was with God and also is the eternal God; he then took on flesh to dwell among us (1:1-18). Jesus is then declared the “lamb of God who takes away sin” by John the Baptist, who redirects his own followers towards Jesus (1:19-51). Jesus goes public, performing his first miracle at a wedding and demonstrating that he himself is the eternal Bridegroom (2:1-12). But then… just as we thought we knew this Jesus, we’re confronted with another side we have not yet seen. Has Jesus taken his reaction too far?

Scripture References: John 2:13-25

From Series: "Down To Earth: John 1-6"

This series will take us through the first 6 chapters of the book of John.

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