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Pastor Mike Matheson - May 17, 2020

Some Things Are Really Hard to Hear

Some Things Are Really Hard to Hear

As we come to the conclusion of John 6, we read two wholly different responses to Jesus’ hard words spoken in the previous section (6:24-59). Some who identified themselves as disciples (or followers other than the Twelve) of Christ decided to turn back and no longer walk with him (vs. 66). To them, Jesus’ words landed like death. Sadly, we read similar accounts today—from celebrities down to our loved ones—those who once identified with Christ decide to turn the other direction and walk away. Right after this, Peter declares the Twelve’s allegiance to Jesus, for he has the words of eternal life. What is our response supposed to be to these accounts? How will you respond to Jesus and his hard words? Next week: Acts 4:23-31

Scripture References: John 6:60-71

From Series: "Down To Earth: John 1-6"

This series will take us through the first 6 chapters of the book of John.

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