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Pastor Mike Matheson - November 8, 2020

What Will it Cost?

What Will it Cost?

All too often our decisions are made by the answer to this question: What will it cost? Rather than deciding in light of what we truly need or what is best for us, we take the cost into account more than anything else—not only the monetary cost but the relational and emotional cost as well. Oftentimes, even a gift cannot be received without incurring a great cost to us. Jesus, without question, is the greatest gift ever given to mankind. Further, the cost of this gift must not be overlooked—because it was the costliest gift ever given. Though Jesus himself paid the highest price, to receive it will still cost you everything.

Scripture References: John 11:45-57, John 12:1-11

From Series: "Believe it or Not: John 7-12"

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