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Pastor Mike Matheson - July 25, 2021

A Terrifying Glimpse Behind the Veil

A Terrifying Glimpse Behind the Veil

Sometimes the most frightening thing is that which you cannot see. This is true for the child fearfully lying inside the dark bedroom or the swimmer exploring the open ocean waters. Daniel is once again given a word and vision from the LORD, though this time it comes from an angel, but one described as “a man clothed in linen…” This messenger isn’t specifically identified, yet we are told that he will give Daniel a vision of a great conflict that would soon face God’s people. Despite being given such a terrifying glimpse behind the veil, Daniel does not seem to lose his resolve to trust the LORD. How do you think he was able to remain faithful despite all the hardship he faced in his life? How can we grow to have such faith?

Scripture References: Daniel 10:1-21

From Series: "Sunday Morning Service"

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