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Pastor Mike Matheson - January 30, 2022

The Promise Of Things To Come

The Promise Of Things To Come

In our passage for this week, Abram makes a daring rescue of his nephew Lot, who was taken captive after a great battle between many kings. Upon his victorious return, Abram is met by another king, one of peace and righteousness, named Melchizedek, who we are told is “priest of God Most High”. This mysterious priestly king then confers on Abram a blessing, which serves as a reminder of God’s power to save. Abram receives this blessing and makes clear his allegiance to God. As you read and study this passage, consider for yourself how your life demonstrates your allegiance. When the world offers you the chance to be the king of your own life, do you accept that gift? Or do you humble yourself before the God who promises so much more?

Scripture References: Genesis 14:1-24

From Series: "Sunday Morning Service"

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