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Pastor Mike Matheson - February 26, 2023

Witness In The World

Witness In The World

Last week in chapter 10, the Apostle John, the author of Revelation, received a commission from God to “prophesy about many peoples and nations and languages and kings.” Now in this vision, John receives a measuring rod to measure the temple of God and those who worship there. Then he is told about the two witnesses and what will happen to them. This whole scene takes place in the context of the sixth trumpet blast back from chapter 9, which is also the second of three woes first referenced at the end of chapter 8. Which is to say, things are really starting to get confusing. But while we can get lost in the details of this winding road, we mustn't lose sight of the purpose of this highly symbolic vision—this revelation is given to strengthen the faith of the church as it waits for the return of Christ.

Scripture References: Revelation 11:1-14

From Series: "Sunday Morning Service"

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