What is VBS?

This summer, kids will participate in a week of “secret agent training” to work for the 1TG (One True God).  Each day the “recruits” will be challenged to be on the lookout for “double agents.”  Double agents are those who claim to work for the 1TG but, in reality, still work for the  enemy agency,  S.I.N. (Self Idolatry Network).  Recruits will also encounter some S.I.N. henchmen and learn the key to battling such devious S.I.N. foes as Tim Tayshun (temptation), Dee Zeet (deceit), Ida LaTree (idolatry), and more.  Each day, recruits receive a new “self-destructing message” (temporary tattoos) featuring that day’s “passcode” (memory verse).  Their daily mission is to memorize this important passcode before it disappears!  Best of all, they will learn about the ultimate secret agent, Jesus Christ, who went on an  undercover mission as a human to save those trapped by S.I.N.  Throughout the week, students will not only be challenged to check their own allegiance but to examine if they are willing and able to become eternal agents of the 1TG.

FAQs About VBS

[toggle title=”Is there a cost?”]Nope! VBS is completely free.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”How do I register my kids?”]Check back for registration form[/toggle]
[toggle title=”I want to volunteer! Who do I contact?”]We would love to have you! To volunteer please contact us![/toggle]

We would love to have you join us!

Dates, Times, and Details

June 25-29: 9am – Noon

For children entering K – 5th grades in September 2018

NO COST! All are welcome.