Message: “The Way and the Truth and the Life” from Pastor Mike Matheson

A message from the series “Sunday Morning Service.” “I am the way, and the truth, and the life,” declares Jesus in John 14:6. This verse, along with John 3:16, are among the essential verses that capture the essence of the gospel. In these words we can rightly declare that Jesus is the way one receives salvation; this we embrace as the truth that will give us life—the life that is without end… eternal life. Yet, as we look closer at this section in John’s Gospel we will see that, while these things are true, there is much more that lies at the heart of this passage that greatly impacts how we live our lives in Christ.

Message: “Why Love?” from Pastor Mike Matheson

A message from the series “Sunday Morning Service.” Throughout John’s Gospel we have read about God’s love for the world, the Father’s love for the Son, and even Jesus’ love for his friends and disciples. But how well do we really understand what love truly is? On his final night with his disciples, Jesus will impart a new command to them: they should love one another as he has loved them. Seems like a simple instruction. However, once the disciples witness how he demonstrates his true love for them—that is, by going to the cross for them—that is when they will learn what true love looks like and why it’s so important that love be witnessed through our lives as believers.

Message: “And It Was Night” from Pastor Mike Matheson

A message from the series “Sunday Morning Service.” After the astonishing washing of the disciples’ feet, Jesus makes known that one of his chosen disciples will betray him in fulfillment of Scripture. Even more surprising is that Jesus declares that his betrayal will confirm who he truly is, hopefully resulting in the disciples’ belief. How is it that his betrayal will bring about these results? Seeing the impact of Judas’ betrayal of Jesus should stir our own hearts to hold fast to Christ, but also watch out for those near to us.

Message: “Praises Sing to God the King” from Pastor Mike Matheson

A message from the series “Sunday Morning Service.” Some of us are still scrambling to finish up our Christmas shopping. Despite having had all year, we still scramble until the last minute to get gifts for those who matter the most to us. Who we put on that list and the gifts we give them says a lot about how we view those important people in our lives. When we look at Matthew 2 we see two different perspectives on Jesus’ birth. One results in the giving of generous gifts and genuine worship. The other results in a deadly decree and genuine jealousy. Which would be your response? If Jesus’ birth marks the greatest gift ever given, let us respond in true worship with praises to the King.

Message: “Great Glad Tidings Tell” from Pastor Mike Matheson

A message from the series “Sunday Morning Service.” What is the true meaning of Christmas? This is a question that has been asked by many throughout the centuries. However, when we look at our passage from Luke, we might think that Christmas brings forth feelings of great fear! When the glory of the Lord comes upon you, fear seems to be a natural response. However, when the messenger shares the message with the shepherds, their response is quite different—great joy that came from God’s great glory and brought great peace. Their ultimate response to their experience? “Great glad tidings tell.”

Message: “Morning Stars Together Proclaim the Holy Birth” from Pastor Ryan Boyer

A message from the series “Sunday Morning Service.” How we hear and receive a message is dramatically impacted by the means (or medium) through which it is delivered. Throughout the story of Scripture, God sent angels to deliver important messages to his people, often revealing his plans to advance his redemptive plans. When God’s messages came through one of his own messengers, it was clear this was important. Enter Mary, the humble girl who was engaged but not yet married. When Gabriel tells her that she will be giving birth to the Son of the Most High—though shocked by the news—Mary’s response demonstrates how we should also respond when God speaks to us.

Message: “The Hopes and Fears of All the Years” from Pastor Mike Matheson

A message from the series “Sunday Morning Service.” Christmas is the favorite time of year for many. From the time with family and friends to the decorations, many would say this is truly “the most wonderful time of the year.” In a year that has been less than wonderful for most, many might be looking to the hope that comes with Christmas. Can Christmas redeem 2020? Yes! But not through decorations, gifts, or even time with family. We must step back and gaze with wonder what it truly means when the song declares “the hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.”