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Pastor Mike Matheson - February 27, 2022

A Relationship Based on Promise

A Relationship Based on Promise

This week in the story of Abraham, thirteen years have passed since the misstep with Hagar in chapter 16. While it seemed like Abram had yet again put the covenant and God's plan in jeopardy, here God makes clear He is not about to let human unfaithfulness derail His plan to bless the world through Abram. In fact, God makes a point not just to renew His covenant, but to expand it. He renames him Abraham and calls him to walk in faith and participate in the everlasting covenant through the new sign of circumcision. Why would God expand the promise? He is teaching Abraham that He is God Almighty. The bigger God reveals Himself to be through His promises, the bigger Abraham's faith will become. Which is true for us as well. The bigger our God, the bigger our faith.

Scripture References: Genesis 17:1-27

From Series: "Sunday Morning Service"

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