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Pastor Mike Matheson - April 3, 2022

Promise & Possession

Promise & Possession

As we are nearing the end of the story of Abraham, this week we read of the death of Sarah, his wife. The journey of Abraham and Sarah began back in chapter 12, and since then we’ve seen quite the drama unfold as God is working in them and through them to fulfill His promises. Now as we come to the end, we find that even in death, God’s promises are still being fulfilled. For the first time, Abraham, who’s been a wandering nomad with no land to his name, purchases a plot of land in Hebron to bury his wife. In Sarah’s death, Abraham takes possession of a small piece of the promised land. But this is only the beginning. God will demonstrate again through the offspring of Abraham that death is not the end of promise, but the way to promise.

Scripture References: Genesis 23:1-20

From Series: "Sunday Morning Service"

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