The Gospel

Have you heard the gospel? ‘Gospel’ is a word that means, “good news.” We live in a world that could use some good news. And the good news is, well, we believe that God has given us the best news we could ever hear.
And it’s all about this person, Jesus.

But before we get to the good news, we have to start with some bad news.

Creation & Sin

It doesn’t take an expert to tell us that something is not right with the world. Just look around or take a look at your news feed. The world is not as it should be. If you’ve ever been to a funeral, it should be enough to convince you.

But it wasn’t originally this way.

When God created the world everything was perfect; there was no sickness or death. The first humans, Adam and Eve, enjoyed a perfect relationship with God. But our first parents rebelled against God and decided to choose right from wrong on their own, which led to their punishment, separation from God and eventual death. And we’ve been feeling the effects ever since.

I know, it sounds strange. But if you think about it, it really does explain our situation well. We live in a world where everyone wants to do what they think is right, a world that is becoming increasingly chaotic. Oh… and there’s still that problem of death.

Here comes the good news. God didn’t leave us to ourselves.

Jesus & Redemption

God sent his only Son, Jesus, into the world. He was born supernaturally, not like all of us. He obeyed God perfectly and only did what was right in God’s eyes. And this Jesus stepped in and took on the punishment, separation, and death that we deserved when he was nailed to a wooden cross.

But God didn’t leave Jesus to himself either.

After Jesus was crucified and buried in a tomb, God raised him from the dead. This showed that God accepted Jesus as a perfect sacrifice and Jesus’ power over death itself.

Why is this good news for me and you? Here comes the really awesome part.


News this big requires a response. Ignoring it, disbelieving it, or pretending you didn’t hear it are all ways of saying, “No thanks” to God. That’s what got us into this mess in the first place.

But for those who hear this good news and believe it – not merely as a fact – but by trusting in it, even submitting to it, God promises to save us. In other words, we are rescued, redeemed, and made new. And God promises that one day, because of Jesus, those who believe will be finally freed from all punishment, separation and even death. That’s good news.

Christian Life

We believe that this good news needs to affect every area of our lives and that God kindly brings us together to help each other to continue growing in our understanding of this good news and our love for the One who accomplished it.

If this is something that you believe, or that you’re interested in knowing more about, we’d love to have you come be a part of us. The best way to begin that is to come on Sunday morning at 9:30 AM. We’d love to get to know you.

Do you still have questions? We'd love to meet with you.